Painter’s Colic

2010 Project Nightlight Winner

Painter’s Colic was a game created by a team of 8 students from DePaul University and Columbia College of Chicago for DeFRAG’s Project Nightlight Game Competition.

  • Restrictions of Project Nightlight
    • 8 Weeks for development.
    • Based on the theme “Such Great Heights”
    • Must include 2 of the Lucky Charms¬†marshmallow¬†¬†shapes
  • Team of 8 people
    • 4 Programmers
    • 2 Artists
    • 2 Designers
  • Developed in C# in Microsoft XNA for PC.
  • I worked as a programmer as well as a sound designer.
  • I created all sound effects, recorded VO, implemented the audio through XACT.
  • Did general gameplay and systems programming and bug fixing.
  • The game won in a pool of 6 finalists.
  • Other team members and their websites