Professor McFluzador’s Goode Olde Phun Tyme Hacking

Basics of the Game

  • Team Members
    • Dan Kristoff – Level Designer
    • Dan Glosier – 3d Artist
    • Johnny Owens (me) – Programmer, Sound Designer
  • Time Frame – 2 Weeks
  • Platform – PC (OpenGL)
  • Size
    • 30 Levels
    • 30 Min – 1 Hour to Competition
  • Basic Level Editor
    • Done in a text file
    • List what object you want in what position on the board
    • Allowed out level designer to add 30 levels on his own, without having to interface with a programmer or touch code

Professor McFluzador’s Goode Olde Phun Tyme Hacking was my group final project for my Action Games Programming class in Fall 2009. The game is a 2D puzzle game with 3D visuals where you need to move your “hacker” through the board of routers, past the security defenses, and to the open port. The game consists of 30 full levels, totaling about 30min – 1h for a full playthrough, unless you’re really good at puzzle games.

Our team was made up of a Game/Level Designer, 2d/3d Artist, and myself, acting as Project Lead, Sole Programmer, and Sound Designer.  The game was built in QE, an OpenGL-based game engine developed by DePaul professor Joe Linhoff, and we had 2 weeks for the entire project.


Main Screen
The Main Menu Screen to Professor McFluzador’s Goode Olde Phun Tyme Hacking
An early level of the game. The goal is to get the black and green ball into the gold “port” by bouncing off the walls.
Later Level
One of the later levels of the game. This shows off the lava pits to avoid, as well as the lasers you can turn on and off by running the player over the switch.
The Level Select screen, showing off the 30 total levels in the game.