BioWare Austin

I worked at BioWare Austin (Developer of Star Wars: The Old Republic) from October 2011 to October 2012 as a QA Tools Engineer, making tools for the Platform QA team.

My main focus at BioWare was creating automated testing systems and utility tools for the Platform QA team. These tools were designed for the Technical QA testers to be able to quickly and easily write tests of the REST service and website, run those tests, and create reports. These tools were written in PHP/MySQL based on a few different open sourced systems, including CakePHP and Selenium. I was the programming lead on these project, but I also managed two offsite programmers who worked on upgrading the tools. I managed their tasks, reviewed their code as it came in, and managed builds of the tools.

In addition to the automated testing system, I also worked directly with the Platform QA team in order to understand their work process and see if there was any way I could make their jobs easier. In doing so, I created a number of web based tools to automate a number of common, tedious tasks to keep testers doing meaningful work. These tools included systems for creating large numbers of new accounts on different development environments, quickly profile accounts, and other various platform tasks.