Deep Silver Volition

In November 2012, 2 years after my internship, I rejoined the gameplay programming team at Volition as a full time gameplay programmer. I worked as a gameplay programmer and mission scripter on Saints Row IV, taking primary on 3 missions in the main game and occasionally helping other programmers with issues in their missions. After we shipped Saints Row IV, I moved onto our first DLC pack, Enter the Dominatrix, and took primary on 2 missions in that pack, working on it up to ship.

On Saints Row IV, I worked directly with mission artists and designers in order to do rapid iteration of the missions. I also worked with a number of other systems teams, including AI, level streaming, lighting, and audio, in order to create the experience desired by the designer and to fix bugs. My work was primarily in Lua, but included a lot of C++ debugging as well as creating and modifying a few C++ based systems for custom mission functionality.