Sledgehammer Games

In January 2014 I accepted the position of Audio Scripter at Sledgehammer Games working on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. My main role was to work in the level scripting environment used by the gameplay programmers and level designers and help the audio team to implement their assets, set up complex audio systems in script, and debug audio issues. I worked directly with the sound designers, gameplay programmers, and our audio programmer, taking on whatever tasks were needed. I worked primarily on the single player campaign’s scripted events, but also assisted on our dynamic dialogue system in single player and multiplayer, as well as some other audio features in multiplayer. Our scripting system is referred to as “GSC,” and is a Lua-like scripting language internal to the Call of Duty engine.

While I was there, I also took ownership of our internal dialogue tool. The tool was C#.NET based with a MSSQL Database connection and managed all of the narrative dialogue in our single player levels. The tool would manage every narrative line in the game, track the state of the line through recording and implementation, arrange assets in the project, and build the audio, table data, and subtitle data for all platforms. I was in charge of stabilizing this unstable tool and adding necessary features in addition to my scripting duties. I was able to take the tool to stable and feature complete for the shipping of the game. Although due to the overly complex and unstable codebase it was implemented on to begin with, we decided to retire the tool after this project, so I am currently taking charge on the design and prototyping of our dialogue pipeline for future projects at Sledgehammer.